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The Sympathy Orchestra is Michigan's only tuxedo-clad, Mellotron-based, classic / psychedelic / progressive rock band. TSO specializes in the deep album cuts that you love and won’t hear anywhere else. Playing the tracks that will jog long-tucked away memories, TSO reminds you of the hidden gems you had forgotten about, with plenty of hits mixed in. Comments often heard after a performance by The Sympathy Orchestra are “I can’t believe that you played that 
song! I have never heard a band play those songs before! That was awesome!” Whether you catch them at a Festival, a Club or a Private Show, you can be certain that The Sympathy Orchestra will give you a truly unique concert experience.



Our first appearance at the Shiawassee River Fest. See our Concert Dates Page for more details. 

Appearing as part of the OWE Summer Concert Series. See our Concert Dates Page for more details. 

The Sympathy Orchestra



About The Sympathy Orchestra



​​​Classic / Psychedelic / Progressive Rock

The Sympathy Orchestra

2-8-20 The Plymouth Roc

9-12-21 OWE Arboretum

7-16-21 Shiawassee River Fest

We return to the Plymouth Roc. See our Concert Dates Page for more details.